4/20 Made in Confidence, DLD to Host "Fashionably Late" Runway Show at Liberty Luxury Hotel

4/20 Made in Confidence, DLD to Host "Fashionably Late" Runway Show at Liberty Luxury Hotel

, by Michael Sette, 3 min reading time

BEAUTY has always been an empowering feeling for women, forever.

We’ve come so far with technology and science, that anyone can truly achieve and express their own idea of “beauty” -whatever that may be, because art has no rules.

I remember the feeling when I first had my brows done. I was a client before I became an artist. My new eyebrows 100% changed my life forever. Not only did they shape my face, they introduced me into an industry that shaped me as an artist and as the person I am today.

What began as something as simple (or crazy) as tattooing a face led into a full blown community of artists, clients, brands/brand ambassadors, techniques, tools, education, products, and much more.

It isn’t about how you wear your brows, it’s how you feel in them. I say that from experience. The convenience of having your brows always on, always ready and looking in the mirror feeling confident AF without a drop of makeup on… that is the true power of eyebrows. 


TODAY, DLD is about more than just eyebrows. As a brand, we encourage and represent the credibility of innovation. Myself, and other industry pioneers have created something that serves a greater purpose far beyond just brows, lips, etc. Brows come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, just like us. No matter who we are, where we come from, or what we do, we all want to look in the mirror and feel confident.

What does eyebrows have to do with a workout class or a fashion show? Nothing and everything at the same time. It all goes back to the saying ‘look good, feel good.” Or as fashion stylist Amanda Vargus expresses in her BostonMan Magazine column, “Your Style. Your Vibe.

It’s important to take a step back and realize that sometimes our confidence or standard of beauty from within can be achieved by taking the exterior into consideration. Yes, brows can certainly make a person feel more confident and self satisfied about him or herself, and it’s so rewarding to watch how much that new smile on their face due to such a subtle exterior enhancement can positively impact their day to day life. As an artist, I feel that is the true power of eyebrows.

As the industry, artists, and techniques/services have continued to grow and expand we are privileged to be in a position to give back and support other women owned businesses, organizations and charities and expand the confidence outside of our studio.

We continue to partner and team up with businesses aimed at empowering women, such as, Sample This and many others.

THIS THURSDAY, 4/20 we will be collaborating with our newest women based non-profit partner: The Women’s Empowerment Scholarship Fund -a beautiful organization founded by Bailey Medeiros that serves to empower females by encouraging and enabling them to pursue higher education- at the Liberty Hotel’s ‘Fashionably Late’ runway show.

We will be donating proceeds from our sales at ‘Fashionably Late’ and at future events to the Women’s Empowerment Scholarship Fund. What Bailey, and her colleague Tom Leyden, have created with her organization embodies the mission, vibe, and feel of DLD. It’s safe to say we’re in alignment!

So please come out and join us Thursday evening (4/20). The runway show begins at 10pm, but feel free to come by earlier and say hello. I will have items from our collections and other fun stuff available for purchase. Every sale, no matter the size, will be helping to create ripples to paving the way for the next generation of women leaders to receive higher education by way of Bailey and

Diandra Leigh Dente is the Founder and CEO of DLD BROWS. She is a pioneer in infrared light therapy for accelerated PMU healing and hair-growth. She is a Boston and LA based artist offering innovative Flowy Brow, (also known as luxury nano stroking), brow-lamination, threading, brow-care products, education and more. You can follow Diandra @dldbrows + @diandraleighdente

Proceeds to go to Women’s Empowerment Scholarship Fund


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