Are you team wax or thread? 

Let's talk brows.

Threading is my go-to and favorite technique when it comes to eyebrow shaping. The precision and detailed results are why I love the technique so much.  It's LEGIT.

Trends come and go but eyebrows will forever frame the face. The correct eyebrow shape will open the eye and help clients to appear more awake and youthful. 


What is threading?
A detailed, hair-removal service with an edge up on waxing and tweezing. Threading removes unanted hairs directly from the root so an additional benefit is that results will most likely last longer than waxing or a straight edge and is a lot less painful (especially) long term.

As an artist, with threading you have the ability to target that one single tiny hair that’s out of line, or a whole bunch with sharp precision. Can even grab those little black dots aka ingrown hairs that you see clients come in with. Ingrown hairs  are typically caused by tweezing hairs out in the wrong direction and not removing the hair correctly/directly from the root. 


There are a variety of threading spools and coatings used to shape brows. Many people do not know that there are options available and how important it is to use proper materials  based on skin types: oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, mature skin. 
100% Organic Cotton thread is the most beneficial, natural, and non irritating in comparison to polyester or other materials. The finest quality of organic cotton minimizes breakage throughout the hair removal process which benefits the artist and the client. Its firm structure  softly glazes and exfoliates the skin's surface making the experience almost painless and most certainly, chemical free.
It is SO important to educate and get to know my clients throughout their experience because using the right coating of thread will  make or break their overall experience.  
Suggested Use:
-100% Pure Organic Cotton
-100% Pure Organic Cotton (Antibacterial Coated)
-100% Pure Organic Cotton (Anti Fungal Coated)
-100% Pure Organic Cotton (Aloe Coated)
Correct thread = happy skin 
Happy skin = happy client.   
After I finish threading my clients I always RLT to minimize any redness and for the skin to absorb and penetrate any brow care products deeper into the hair follicle. Afterwards, I highlight underneath their brow bone to carve out their eyebrows vs. filling them in. I then usually coat their brows with a gel or brow care to give a “crisp” look. 
-Diandra Leigh Dente