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Red and infrared light are forms of LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode. 

LEDs convert electrical energy into light energy, which can then be absorbed by molecules of cells in the body to trigger an increase in blood flow, collagen, hair growth, and many other health benefits.

IR stands for infrared, which is a type of radiant energy that is invisible to the human eye but we can feel as heat (mimicking sun and fire). Red light therapy uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, persistent wounds, and similar conditions.


provides immediate results

promotes cellular function to heal and facilitate tissue

repairmimics the benefits of sunlight without the harmful damage of UV rays

Instead of damaging tissue, LED stimulates cells without damage or trauma to the skin.

• red + infrared: have deeper wavelengths (dermal, sub dermal, more vascular)  

• blue light: is more superficial (epidermal) 

DLD® RLT-technology increases blood flow directly to the hair follicles, which naturally provides more nutrients to the hair follicle. Doing so not only extends the “hair growth phase,” but will help strengthen and prevent loss or damage to the hair follicle in future. 



• increases in product absorption 

• prevents inflammation fine lines/wrinkles 


• increases in product absorption 

• prevents inflammation fine lines/wrinkles 

• promotes muscle recovery by increasing circulation 

• reduces inflammation 

• helps the muscle to break down + release the lactic acid  

• reduces joint pain and soreness

• RLT is like a RESET BUTTON for your sleep schedule, no need for any pills or over the counter products 

• mimics benefits received from early morning and late evening sunshine which can help your hormonal process throughout the day and prepare your body for the night.

• increases blood circulation 

• increases product absorption 

• early morning sunshine can help


Exposure to RLT at sunrise and sunset helps train the internal body clock to be on aligned with your natural circadian rhythm (sleep schedule). Therefore, RLT supports better sleep, which in turn supports overall performance, health, and wellness 

RLT naked to increase testosterone


Red light therapy promotes healing and reduces inflammation by increasing blood flow, and that’s why more and more PMU artists are offering this to their clients.

Besides these two benefits, RLT also minimizes scabbing and stimulates new hair growth.

It can be used after permanent brow treatments, after a lip treatments, and after scalp micropogmentation.

Completely. Not only is it safe, but it also accelerates healing and hair growth and that is why it’s becoming a part of a microblading treatment in many salons. Also, it’s said to reduce inflammation and redness.

• takes control + see the depth of the placement of pigment into the skin 

• accelerates the clients healing process/minimize scabbing throughout the aftercare process 

• saves time numbing, more time “WOWing” 

• elevates client experience and provide unique service 

• accelerates healing 

• minimizes scabbing 

• reduces inflammation + redness 

• increases blood flow 

• stimulates new hair growth 


Yes, some artists use it not only after the treatment but during the procedure as well.

As DLD explains: I use RLT in-between each pass to see the true depth and placement of the pigment in the skin, while numbing to accelerate and penetrate the topical anesthetic to activate quicker in the skin.

"After I am finished with each pass and the details, I again place the client under the RLT to accelerate the healing process. It is better to do the hair strokes in natural or bright lighting and only check the artistry and pigment application/placement under the RLT. I do not suggest artists work and tattoo under RLT, especially not without proper eyewear."

No, red light therapy doesn’t share the same wavelengths of light with UV rays that the sun emits, and that are known to fade tattoo color.

At my studio, RLT is included in the price of the treatment. As a pioneer in New England’s growing PMU industry, I hold myself as an artist to the highest of standards and always want to offer clients a luxury experience while delivering to them the true power of eyebrows, says DLD.

However, some artists will charge extra for additional time, and treat it as an à la carte service.

The red light therapy session after a permanent makeup treatment lasts up to 15 minutes.


• accelerate healing 

• minimize scabbing 

• reduce inflammation + redness 

• increase blood flow 

• stimulate hair growth 

• reduces inflammation + redness after shaping 

• accelerates/stimulates hair growth with growth products/serums 

• elevates client experience and provide unique service  


• repairs + rebuilds proteins, enzymes and growth factors 

• repairs + rebuilds proteins, enzymes and growth factors 

• repairs + rebuilds proteins, enzymes and growth factors 


• encourages functions within the cells for healthy, glowing skin 

• repairs + rebuilds proteins, enzymes and growth factors 

• allows for better product absorption for all skincare routines 

• works in sync with tightening + laser treatments for better results 

• reduces fine lines + wrinkles 

• relieves symptoms of dermatitis (eczema, psoriasis, other skin irritations) 

benefits of pain, JOINT + MUSCLE RECOVERY:

Using different wavelengths, and colors of light DLD RLT technology increases blood circulation which then accelerates the bodys healing and recovery process relaxing the muscles, minimizing soreness, ans relieving joint pain, muscle pain, and stiffness.

5-30 minutes

consistency is key. use 2-3 times per day until desired results are achieved

• repairs tissue 

• supports wound healing 

• decreases pain (inflammation, arthritis, neuropathy, joint disorders, TMJ) 

• supports orthodontics 

• helps with seasonal depression 

• can support veterinary treatment 

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