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Brow Perfector

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For the client at home to help you create your very own signature brow, as well as the professional using this brush to perfect the shape outline. (Like I do myself) - DLD®

The dense angled bristles are created to curate sleek and structured outlines such as PMU design or carving out the brow using a concealer to highlight and define.

Ideal for brushing brows, carving out brows, and applying DLD® Brow Mask before LED red light treatment. The spoolie ends are designed to evenly separate hairs and disperse DLD® Brow Mask from the outside in.

Not limited to:

      • Applying powder /emollient- based eyebrow makeup
      • Applying henna or vegetable oil-based eyebrow tint
      • Create meticulous hairstroke like shapes
      • Perfect PMU shape outline
      • Lash Artists
      • Applying perfect winged liner
      • Lip exfoliating/applying lipstick